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Is to be a centre of evangelisation, training, development and provide advice for the wellbeing in all three dimensions: spiritual, corporal and social (spirit-soul-body).


Is to train and equip disciples for better service for God’s Kingdom.


Is based on the content of the Bible, in particular: salvation by grace, the free gift of God received by faith in his only son Jesus Christ and his expiatory work. This translates into a transformation of life, a purity of conduct, the love for one another and actively preparing for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.


We believe in the transforming power of man and his circumstances through prayer and the intervention of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the power of praise and worship offered from a simple and sincere heart to the Creator. We believe in the power of preaching the gospel. And we confess Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. We believe the love for one another is the center of Christ's message.

We are the French Christian Assemblies of London (registered charity:1183407), of Pentecostal confession led by Senior Pastor, Freddie Olonkow Massa. ACFL Church is more than just a church...we are a warm family and a dynamic Christian community in the heart of London.

Come and join us every Sundays from 12:30pm

Other Services

Wednesdays prayer service from 7pm

Growing is part of our christian walk, come and join us Wednesday for bible study and prayer session.

Thursdays Youth Bible Study from 7pm

Join our youths every Thursdays for a dynamic bible study and prayer session.

Morning prayer Mon-Fri 6am-7am

The best way to brighten your day is to start it in the right foot. And that is with God; join us every Monday to Friday from 6am to 7am for a vibrant conference call prayer session. For access please dial the free number followed by access code; Tel: 0333 2666 999 Code: 492618


Doctor Freddie Massa is the senior pastor and founder of the French Assemblies of London (ACFL), an inspirational man of God within the Franc-Anglo community. Doctor Freddie Massa is a prolific anointed teacher and preacher with over thirty years of church leadership, a mentor to leaders across the UK and Europe. Beside teaching and preaching, doctor is an exceptional praise and worship leader who possess an excellent people development in leadership in ministries.

Dr Freddie Massa
Senior Pastor

Elder Mbengi is a happily married father, who love serving God. Elder Mbengi has been a Christian over 30 years, serving the Lord Jesus as an elder since 1994. Beside the Elder position, evangelising the gospel of Christ to the non-believers it's his passion, which he enjoy daily. Encouraging both believers and non-believers to seek for a righteous life and to be ready for the return of our Lord Jesus has been Elder Mbengi's passion in the body of Christ.

Ambrozio Mbengi

Pastor Moses, has been serving the Lord since his youth time. His mentor would describe him as a dynamic and anointed leader. Pastor Moses has over 10 years of experience in people management and coaching. Beside the church activities, Pst Moses is a charismatic entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys life coaching individuals and small groups of people reaching their true potentials.

Moses Lusandisa

Deacon Simon, is a married father with four beautiful children whom the Lord has blessed each one of them into a ministry within the church. Deacon Simon has been a christian for over 20 years and has been holding the position of Deacon since 2012.

Simon Mavila


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